viveroo free supersilver horizontal wohnzimmer neues ipad pro 2021

The Premium iPad mount

for all iPad Generations

Compatible with new iPad Pro 12.9″ and 11″ models from April 2021

True simplicity is derivied from so much more than just the absence of clutter and ornamentation. It‘s about bringing order to complexity.

Jonathan Ive (Apple Chief Design Officer)

iPad wall mount with charging function

The viveroo one iPad mount. The flexible iPad docking station for your smarthome.

The viveroo free iPad wall mount seems to float in front of the wall: Massive aluminium and open asymmetrical forms stand for minimalism and elegance. Use it as iPad Pro docking station to iPad mini wall mount.

The viveroo one iPad mount encloses the iPad all around ad keeps it safe.

iPad and wall mount unite. The high-quality aluminum body encloses the iPad precisely and holds it firmly against the wall. The thin frame preserves the all-screen design of the iPad Pro and complete display space is usable without restriction.

viveroo loop iPad dock.

The only rotating iPad docking station worldwide for flush wall installation. The innovative rotating mechanism of this iPad mount makes it possible to alternate between vertical and horizontal formats. With this iPad dock you can use every App in its ideal format.

The viveroo square docking station. The iPad charging station for your smarthome.

The design of the iPad mount viveroo square complements the clear forms of the iPad, paired with impressive functionality. This iPad charging station is a highlight in any mounting environment.

The viveroo one kiosk iPad charging station for the point of sale.
The viveroo one kiosk iPad charging station for the point of sale.

iPad table stand with charging function

The viveroo free iPad stand. No special installation needed and flexible useable

Flexible iPad charging station: viveroo free flex. No special installation required for this iPad dock. The iPad mount for mobility lovers and all those, who appreciate quality, design and intelligent technology. This iPad stand is also available as iPad Pro docking station.

The viveroo iPad kiosk. The iPad docking station for point of sale.

The iPad docking station for point of sale (POS), tradeshows and wherever you want to achieve a unique communication experience. This iPad dock locks the iPad completely and protects it. Continous power supply and data connection via cable enhance security of function using the viveroo one kisok iPad stand.

The viveroo free flex docking station. The iPad stand can be used for meeting room management.

Our Manufactory

Art of Engineering

The combination of intelligent technology with timeless design shows our mission: viveroo iPad docks eliminate the contradiction between the iPads short life-cycle and the longevity of its surroundings. Handmade viveroo iPad mounts from Germany.

Pure Material

Every product is a sophisticated, high-quality iPad dock, made with precision and accuracy – that’s what viveroo stands for. Only pure materials, from regional sources are used for your iPad mount. For our iPad holder we use mechanics, you would not expect to find in an iPad mount.


For us at viveroo, sustainabilty means one thing above all: Leave the disposable world behind. No plastic in our iPad charging station. Every iPad mount is made of 91% recyclable materials which leads to innovative and future proof responsibility for our planet.

Worldwide Distribution

The viveroo iPad wall mount sales areas.

From Europe over America to Australia: There is worldwide demand for viveroo premium iPad docking stations. We have established a network of sales partners all over the world, who support us in making your world simpler and smarter. Wherever you are located, feel free to get in contact with us and we can supply you with our iPad mounts.

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