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The iPad Kiosk with Scanning Function


Ideal for iPad Check-in and Registration

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Safe and Sturdy

The viveroo one kiosk is made out of robust aluminium. Due to the high-quality material combined with the precise processing the mount ensures  an optimal protection for the use in public areas. The Kiosk  encloses the iPad completely and can just be removed with a special key.

Through this way viveroo perfectly combines security requirements with distinctive design.

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Technology and Design

Through an uninterruptible power supply the mount assures a constant use of the iPad. The optional use of a PoE adapter offers a high level of functional reliability for the data connection.  Our distinctive design hides all cables and connectors inside the kiosk. In this way the design of the mount fits in any environment perfectly.

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Scanning Function

With the help of our special add-on the camera of the iPad can be used to scan documents or codes. Through a redirection the entire range of the camera is used for the scanning prosess. This is how visitor registration and self-service systems are working in the the year of 2020.

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Mounting Options due to your Requirements

Since every installation environment is different, viveroo offers various solutions to integrate the iPad optimally at the point of sale. Due to a simple installation and the variety of functions the viveroo one kiosk is always the perfect choice.

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On the Wall

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Off the Wall

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Table Stand

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Floor Stand

From docking station for the small iPad mini to the iPad Pro wall mount in 12.9 “: The viveroo one iPad mount is available for iPads in all current size formats. The frame is exactly adapted to your iPad format – for a perfect harmony in the design. Our unified wall mounting unit allows a retrospective change of iPad generation and size format.


The one is available for the following generations of iPads:

  • mini 4; mini 5
  • iPad 10.2″
  • Air 10.5″ (2019)
  • Pro (2018) 11″/12.9″


Available in Colors SuperSilver, DarkSteel und DeepBlack. We can also realize individual wishes as special color finishes or logo brandings.

Interactive Visitor Registration

With Integrated Smartphone Shelf

Scanning Module in Slim and Minimalist Design

Use All of the iPad Cameras Spectrum

Mounting in Comfortable Height

Scanning Funktion

The viveroo one kiosk solution can be expanded with our specially developed scanning device. Codes and documents can be scanned using the iPad‘s camera. Regardless of whether for information requests or registration processes – the viveroo one kiosk simplifies your business and brings you forward. We offer the scanning device in two versions, so you can decide whether you prefer a slim design or an integrated smartphone shelf.

Information on your Favorite Product

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For the Customer

We love to develop products and tailor them exactly to the requirements of our customers. Whether surface, special functions or branding: let us know about your wishes and we will develop an individual solution for your needs. Let‘s get in touch!

Pure Material

Only genuine and high quality materials are used to build a viveroo iPad mount. Therefor we work hand in hand with our regional partners and suppliers. Short distances and business relations on eye-level guarantee high quality in each of our products.


For us at viveroo, sustainabilty means one thing above all: Leave the disposable world behind. No plastic in our iPad charging station. Every iPad mount is made of 91% recyclable materials which leads to innovative and future proof responsibility for our planet.

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