Die viveroo free flex iPad Halterung. Ob als iPad Tischständer in Wohnräumen oder im Unternehmen, der Ständer ist überall einsetzbar.

iPad Table Stand


free flex

The viveroo free flex iPad Pro stand is positioned in style:
As an iPad docking station on the office desk, the sideboard or as an iPad desk
stand in the kitchen. In any environment, this iPad Pro table mount is a highlight.

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iPad kiosk Tischständer in Reihe. Die viveroo one kiosk iPad Halterung für den PoS.

iPad Table Stand


one kiosk

The viveroo one kiosk offers various possibilities to make the iPad
PoS interactive. The iPad stand convinces with easy assembly
and maintains the functional diversity.

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The viveroo iPad table stands are compatible with all iPad models

For mobility lovers: If you don’t want to be tied down spatially, you can use a viveroo mount as an iPad table stand with a high-quality base.

viveroo free flex – iPad Table Stand in a Noble Design

The viveroo free flex iPad stand is positioned in style: On the office desk, the sideboard or as an iPad table stand in the kitchen. It is a highlight in any environment. The iPad table stands with charging function for mobility lovers and anyone who loves design and smart technology.

viveroo one kiosk – The iPad Table Stand with Scan Function

The iPad stand viveroo one kiosk is made of robust aluminium. The high-quality material and precise workmanship of the table stand offer protection so that the iPad kiosk can be optimally used in public areas. The one kiosk encloses the tablet firmly and securely.