In unserer Manufaktur werden die iPad Halterungen und Produkte von Handgefertigt und alle in der Qualität geprüft.

A real manufacture

At viveroo, products are made by hand. That gives them personality. We develop, build and sell our products with dedication and passion. Our iPad mounts are only made of genuine and high-quality material. Processed and tested with care: Every product is unique. We at viveroo live a close and trusting relationship with our partners and suppliers. We give 100% every day, only in this way can we live the values for which viveroo stands: Highest quality workmanship.

Für die Herstellungen aller iPad Halterungen setzten wir auf Handarbeit. In unserer Manufaktur schrauben wir alle iPad Docking Stationen selber zusammen und prüfen jeder Halterung auf ihre Qualität.
Bei unseren viveroo iPad Halterungen setzten wir nicht nur auf eine hochwertige Herstellung, auch dem Thema Nachhaltigkeit und Regionalität schreiben wir eine besondere Bedeutung zu. So sitzen alle Zulieferer der iPad Wandhalterungen im regionalen Umkreis.


At viveroo, we love real materials: pure aluminium and robust stainless steel form the foundation. With an eye for detail, our products are carefully crafted by hand – we are perfectionists and trust in our talents. We have held every product in our hands ourselves and tested it thoroughly – it is one of a kind.

We know our partners and attach great importance to uncomplicated, personal contact – for a cooperation at eye level. All our suppliers come from East Westphalia. A product from the region.

Die viveroo iPad Ständer werden nicht nur in der Manufaktur zusammen gesetzt. Das viveroo Team entwirft und entwickelt auch alle iPad Halterungen selber.
Wir nehmen uns das Feedback unserer Kunden zu de iPad Halterungen zu Herzen und entwickeln uns stetig weiter. Dabei haben wir uns bereits von der iPad Wandhalterung über Tablet Tischständer bis zu iPad Bodenständern weiter entwickelt.


Carefully and with a proven team of experts, we constantly work on our products to be able to offer the customer the best possible experience. All decisions are always made as a team, taking into account different opinions and experiences.

We always think one step ahead, anticipating future requirements and changes in iPad generations. In this way, we can guarantee the customer functional and future security.

Das viveroo Team setzt auf langfristige Partnerbeziehungen und steht im engen Kontakt mit den Kunden um die iPad Halterungen stetig zu optimieren.


We rely on long-term partnerships – both nationally and internationally. The relationship with our distribution partners is characterised by loyalty and fidelity. Here, too, personal contact counts – because we understand partnership as cooperation at eye level, a give and take.

Those who work with us can rely on comprehensive and constant personal advice and support from our staff. Clean price structures and mutual trust are for us the basis of a successful cooperation. Our products are available from numerous specialist and wholesale dealers in electrical installation and consumer electronics.